British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Face Confidence Vote

London: Britain’s ruling Conservatives hold a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Boris Johnson, which could oust him from Britain’s leader. Party official Graham Brady says he has received plenty of letters from lawmakers urging Johnson to vote on his leadership to provoke one. That would happen if 54 Tory lawmakers wrote to Brady.Also read – Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson has told MPs he has been accused of viewing pornography in Parliament

If Johnson loses the vote in the 359 Conservative MLAs, he will be replaced as a Conservative leader and prime minister. If won one year will be safe from another challenge. Read more – Opening Embassy in Kiev, UK to provide more military equipment to Ukraine

Johnson has been struggling to turn the page for months of moral scandals, mainly on rule-breaking parties in government buildings during COVID-19 lockdowns. Read more – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson tweeted video post, promising strengthening of India-UK partnership

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