Irritated With Power Cuts, Karnataka Man Goes to Electricity Office Everyday to Grind Masala & Charge Phone

Viral News: Needless to say, power cuts are very common in our country, especially in the summer. Villages and small towns are more vulnerable, as long-term power cuts coupled with burning heat increase people’s woes. A resident of Shimoga district in Karnataka, who was annoyed by a long power outage, has found an unusual solution. The man, identified as M Hanumanthappa, goes to his nearest electric office to charge grand masala and phone every day. It has been surprising that this has been going on for about 10 months.Also Read – Viral Video: Teacher Retire After 50 Years, Whole School Sends Her In An Emotional Farewell | View

According to News 18, Hanumanthappa’s family has only been getting electricity for 3-4 hours a day and is in a state of darkness all day long. Even if a person complains that his house is not properly powered up, it is of no avail. They decided to take this extraordinary step after an officer had told them to do so after a heated argument between them.

“How do you think we should grind spices and cook at home? How should we charge our phones? It is a basic necessity and they cannot go to a neighbor’s house every day, ”said Hanumanthappa. The officer said, ‘Then go to Mescom’s office and grind the masala.’

M Hanumanthappa, who took the officer’s words very seriously, is visiting the Mangalore Power Department office with some cell phone chargers, a grinder and a jar. In the office, he uses his grinder to spice things up, charge his cellphones, and do all the electrical work in the office during the day.

Hanumanthappa has appealed to Mescom and all concerned authorities to properly supply power to their home. According to News18, a mescom junior official said the IP sets could not be charged due to rain. However, it promised to be properly connected within a month.

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