Pride Month 2022: 7 Must-Visit Destinations in India to Celebrate LGBTQ

Pride Month 2022: June is synonymous with Pride Month in many parts of the world, with events honoring the LGBTQ community and the fight against discrimination and social exclusion. Regular streets around the world are painted in rainbow hues, cheerful festivals and proud parades complete with love. Let us take a look at the places in India that celebrate the month of pride with great enthusiasm.Also Read – Delhi Covid Update: Fresh cases rise to 405, little more than Friday, no deaths on the second day

Here is a list of places LGBT travelers in India should visit:


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When it comes to LGBT rights, Delhi has taken the first step in listening to the voices of millions of people. When the Delhi High Court declared Section 377 unconstitutional and a violation of the fundamental right to equality and freedom, the prayers of the rainbow community were answered. The national capital of the country has strong commercial, cultural, political and historical ties. The Queer Pride Parade in Delhi, launched in November 2007, is an annual parade that honors and celebrates gays, gays, bisexuals, transgender people and their allies. The procession usually begins on Barakhamba Road and runs through the Tolstoy route to Jantar Mantar. Also Read – Agni Agraha, 5 Fire Tenders Launched At Jain Hospital In Delhi


Mumbai offers one of the best nightlife scenes in the country. The best pubs and clubs are Bluefrog, Hard Rock Cafe, Totos and so on. Mumbai is a very welcoming city for the LGBT community. An example of urban unity is the Mumbai Queer Film Festival. It brings together audiences and filmmakers to help achieve social change by presenting gay, lesbian, bisexual, lesbian and queer films. Every year, the city hosts the Pride March, also known as the Queer Azadi March, to oppose the controversial Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code of 1890.


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Bangalore, commonly known as Bangalore, is India’s Garden City and Silicon Valley. It is undoubtedly one of the most progressive cities in the country. With the development of IT, Bangalore has the LGBT population tolerance not found in any Indian metropolis. The city is a safe haven for anyone looking for help or friendship because of its LGBT-friendly work environment. The 2013 Bangalore Pride saw its first Lesbian Dykes on Bikes parade. Bangalore Queer Film Festival is the annual film festival held in the city. It was established in 2008 to commemorate LGBTI and other sexual and gender minorities in India through film.


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Chennai, India’s sixth largest city, is a complex of temples, churches and beaches. In terms of socioeconomic class, gender, level of visibility and politicization, Chennai cultures are different. The Chennai International Queer Film Festival (also known as ‘Reel Desires’) opened in 2004 and features panel talks on the issue of LGBTQI involvement, as well as filmmaker interactions, photography / art shows and other exhibitions. Tamil Nadu was the first state in India to acknowledge the rights of third-party women. Every June, under the Tamil Nadu Rainbow Collection, Chennai hosts the annual Pride Parades.


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Jaipur, commonly known as the Pink City, is one of the most imperial, beautiful and colorful cities in India with a rich history and a diverse culture. When it comes to LGBTQ rights, Jaipur has been asserting itself gradually but steadily. The city’s first Pride Parade was held on March 1 this year. Beautiful forts, charming palaces, old temples – the streets of Jaipur are also steeped in the history of the city. Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal and Jantar Mantar are just a handful of Jaipur’s many attractions. Chokhi Dhani, the resort that became India’s first artificial village, is a must visit for a romantic and exciting stay.


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Agra is home to the Taj Mahal, one of the most popular tourist destinations in India, attracting millions of tourists every year. Along with the Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri, it offers a glimpse into the architectural heritage of India, especially the Mughals. Agra is the best place for any loving couple to visit near Delhi because of its ideal location. It is also known as India’s most popular LGBT-friendly choice.


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Ladakh is a mystery in every way, from its natural beauty, geology and scenery to simple cultures. Purple Dragon is a travel service that started and promoted LGBT travel in India, offering attractive and personalized packages for individuals planning a trip to Ladakh. Adventurers and nature enthusiasts love Leh-Ladakh. To feel pure joy, find it.

After all, love is love, right? Go to these places to have a bag full of memories.

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