Respect All Religions: BJP Amid Row Over Spokesperson’s Comments Against Prophet Mohammed

New Delhi: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) said on Sunday that it respects all religions and strongly condemns the insults of any religious figure, following the controversial comments made by its spokesmen against Prophet Mohammed. However, the statement does not directly refer to any incident or comment.Read also – No plans to join politics: Sangrur to contest by-election

After controversial remarks by BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma on a TV news program, party general secretary Arun Singh has said that the BJP is strongly against any ideology that insults or degrades any sect or religion. “Every religion in India’s thousands of years has flourished and flourished. The BJP respects all religions. The BJP strongly condemns the insult of any religious person of any religion, ”Singh said. See also – ‘No water, no vote’: villagers outrage in Dindoor

He said that the Indian Constitution gives every citizen the right to practice and respect every religion of his or her choice. “As India celebrates its 75th year of independence, we are committed to making India a great country where everyone is equal and everyone lives with dignity. Everyone is committed to the unity and integrity of India, where everyone enjoys the fruits of growth and development,” he said. Read also – Brijarajanagar by-election result 2022: BJD’s Alaka Mohanty defeated Congress’ Kishore Patel by 65,000 votes

Let us remind our readers that the statements insulted by Nupur Sharma during a TV debate last week sparked tremendous outrage and protest from Muslim groups. At least 40 people, including 20 police personnel, were injured in the clashes after two groups clashed on Friday in Kanpur in Uttar Pradesh following a call for closure of markets following controversial statements.

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