Rules Related To Cheques and Demand Drafts Changed By Delhi MCD! Details Here

New Delhi: Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has changed the rules for payment of checks and DDs. According to a recent report by the Economic Times, these papers should now be submitted in the name of the MCD commissioners. It was previously filed in the name of the commissioner of three metropolitan areas. These were merged to form an MCD. The new payment rule is effective June 6, 2022.Also Read – Copid-19 treatment facility and Goa Burman Coronavirus tested positive after police failed to detect them

In 2012, the then CM Sheila Dixit tripled the MCD. Three civic organizations – the North, South and East – were formed to run the city. However, on May 22, 2022, the current government passed the law, reuniting all civic bodies into one common body. Ashwani Kumar and Jnanesh Bharti took over as the new Special Officer and Commissioner of MCD respectively. Read also – Delhi COVID-19 controversy: MCDs claim death toll is twice that of Kejriwal government

MCD said Friday that existing accounts of former corporations will be kept active until June 5, 2022, so that third-party agencies or any checks in the pipeline can process online payments and deposit them into old bank accounts. . See also – Maharashtra’s ban on plastic loss of Rs 15,000 crore and over 3 lakh jobs, report says

Checks, DDs are not accepted under any other name

In a statement to MCD on Saturday, checks or demand drafts relating to payments must be submitted in the name of the MCD Commissioner and will not be accepted if submitted by any other name.

The payroll system of the former South Delhi Municipal Corporation will be extended to other areas of the reunified MCD, the civic body said on Friday.

Delhi Metropolitan Police Commissioner Ganesh Bharti has directed the Finance Department to open “new bank accounts” and payment gateways of various departments, MCD said on Friday.

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