Specially-abled Kashmir Boy Walks 2 Km To School Daily On One Leg, Aspires to Become a Doctor | Watch

Hundwara (Jammu and Kashmir): A similar story has emerged from Jammu and Kashmir after a 10-year-old girl from Bihar jumped to school on one leg after a heartbreaking story emerged on social media. With the goal of pursuing her academic and curriculum activities, a specially talented boy named Parviz goes to school on a single leg to pursue his dreams every day. Parviz, who lost his left leg to a massive fire at an early age, is currently studying in 9th grade at Government High School, Naugam.Also Read – Viral Video: A group of penguins chasing a butterfly, the adorable clip has over 3 million views. View

Talking to ANI, a 14-year-old child said, “I balance the distance of two kilometers every day with one leg. The roads are not good. An artificial limb can take place. I have a dream of achieving something in my life. “Even though the social welfare department has issued a wheelchair, it has never been used because the road in their village has deteriorated,” said Parwaiz.

The video, which is going viral on social media, shows him walking to his school in one leg, wearing a school uniform, carrying a bag over his shoulders.

Watch the video here:

“I walk 2 kilometers a day to reach my school. The road to my school is sheer. I was very sweaty after reaching school because it was hard to walk. Upon reaching school, I pray. I like cricket, volleyball and kabaddi. I hope the government will help me shape my future. I have a fire inside me to achieve my dreams, ”he said.

Sharing his experiences further, the 14-year-old said, “It pains me to see my friends doing well. However, I thank Allah (God) for providing me with strength. I urge the government to provide a proper artificial limb or any other mode of transportation to facilitate my journey to school and other places. The doctor had an amputation at a hospital, which meant that my father had to pay a large sum of money. My father had to sell his property to treat me.

Pervaiz, currently studying in 9th grade at Nougam Government High School, aims to become a doctor. Speaking to ANI, Ghulam Mohammed, Parviz’s school teacher said, “He is a hard-working child. She excels in study and extracurricular activities. I commend them for their efforts. He’s a very talented boy. “As his inspirational story goes viral, Prem Bhandari, president of Jaipur Foot USA, has promised Parviz a free artificial limb.

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