[Trivia] Which country does the word "spa" come from?

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Which country does the word “spa” come from?

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…1. Belgium 2. United Kingdom 3. Finland 4. Turkey

Which country does the word “spa” come from?

Answer: Belgium – If you’re a spa lover, you might want to add Belgium to your bucket list. Yes, there is a Belgian city actually named Spa, and most historians agree it is the origin of the word we commonly use today. In Roman times, the town was called Aquae Spadanae and was known for its healing thermal baths, according to the writings of Pliny the Elder. Nobility frequented the town’s baths; in 1717, a visit by Tsar Peter the Great put it on the map all over Europe, and the term, “spa,” made its way around to other similar establishments. Today, the town of Spa, Belgium, situated in a valley of the Ardennes Mountains, still celebrates its natural mineral springs, even exporting its mineral water globally. And to switch things up a little bit, it’s also known internationally for the Francorchamps motor-racing circuit.:

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