Video: Scorpio Hits Biker With Intent in Shocking Road Rage Incident | WATCH

New Delhi: Scorpio collides with bike rider in a shocking road rage incident following a verbal altercation with a biker group near the Arjangarh Metro station in Delhi. The full video of the incident was shared by a group of riders on a bicycle, which has gone viral on social networking sites. The man who shared the video on Twitter wrote, “The Scorpio car driver almost killed some of our riders and threatened to kill us under the car.” He said no one was seriously injured.Also Read – Viral Video: Teacher Retire After 50 Years, Whole School Sends Her In An Emotional Farewell | View

Biker Anurag Iyer tagged Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, PM Narendra Modi and the Deputy Commissioner of Police in Delhi and wrote, “We do not vote or pay taxes for this.” Also Read – Shraddhanjali To Submit A Mural Of Mumbai Artist Sidhu Moosewala, Netizens Call It ‘Mind Blowing’ | View

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Since the incident, Delhi Police have been keeping an eye on the matter and are investigating. A friend of the biker who was injured in the incident told the news agency ANI: “When I was returning from Delhi with my 8-10 friends from Delhi, he came to us and started rash driving. He threatened my friend and scolded me with obscene words. My friends slowed a little but I drove forward. The man quickly collided with my bike and ran off.

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