Viral Video: Cat Outsmarts Dog Chasing Her By Using This Genius Trick. Watch

Viral Video Today: You can repeat the cartoon Tom & Jerry for hours, making it difficult to get bored when you have powerful pets around you. Just like having a girl and boy fighting all the time, many pet owners who have cats and dogs in their home will tell you that there is never a boring moment with them.Also Read – Viral Video: Doggy as a golf swing on TV looks for a ball outside the house. Watch the hilarious clip

Dogs have a natural tendency to chase small animals, which is a common tendency in cats. And many times cats need to rise up in places where dogs cannot reach or cheat. In this video, we see such a scaredy cat running away from a dog chasing after him. Also Read – Viral Video: Woman Teaches A Child To Swim In Pool, Then This Funny Thing Happens | View

The video was shared on Twitter by ‘Yoda4ever’ users with the following caption: “In a wonderful move, the cat outdoes the puppy.”. It has garnered 397k views, 23k likes and 3,500 retweets. It shows the cat jumping into a paddleboard in the swimming pool while the dog waits to see if the cat falls into the water. But the cat manages to float across the pool on the board and then safely jump over to the other side. The dog looks like a loser and is dumbfounded at what happened. Read also – Viral Video: Adorable dog playing with water, video making you laugh | View

Watch the viral video below:

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