Viral Video: Woodpecker Gets Stuck In Woman’s Hair After Mistaking It For Nest. Watch What Happens Next

Viral News: Did your mother ever tell you to comb your hair because it was like a bird’s nest? If the woodpecker doesn’t want to attack your head you should take that advice seriously. Brittany Branson ended up with a woodpecker in the light brown hair she wore that day. A baby pecker crashed into a glass window at her home in North Carolina, USA. So, she went outside to investigate. The woodpecker jumped on the woman’s head and got into her hair. She went to the front of the house to ask her brother for help.ALSO READ – Viral Video: Monkey Brothers having a very adorable reunion in captivity. View

A video of the incident was captured on her security camera, where she said, “Colton, will you come to help me?” She walked to her door with a bird on her head. When her brother Colton comes out, he asks, “Why is that in your head?” Brittany replies, “What should I do? I don’t know. ” Brittany was covering her face and eyes with her arm so Pecker didn’t start piercing her face. Also Read – Viral Video: Baby Tries Pizza For The First Time, Her Response Is Super Relatable. View

Brittany’s brother could see the bird’s feet untiring from her hair. After a while, her brother unleashed the weeping woodpecker for help and gently put it down. READ ALSO – Viral Video: Lion sees another lion trying to flirt with his lioness, knocking him down. View

The video is viral on ticktalk, where viewers liken the bird to the ‘Woody the Woodpecker’ cartoon. “How calm are you?” The TickTalk user asked. It has been shared Facebook It has garnered 215k views through ‘Nudes Entertainment’.

Watch the viral video below:

The next morning, the woodpecker flew over to Brittany like her mother. Brittany put Pecker in the cat carrier, which was taken to Hollis Nest Animal Rescue. The woodpecker is too small to eat by itself, and since the bird’s parents have disappeared, it will be rehabilitated there.

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