What is the Zero Shadow Moment Kolkata Set to Witness Today? Check Timings, Why it Happens and More

Kolkata, The happy city is ready to watch its zero-shadow moment when there is no shade from the sunshine during that particular time of day on Sunday (June 5). It is the first zero shade day of the year in Kolkata and The The zero shadow moment is about 11:34 am. In other places, however, zero shadow day varies depending on the position between the two tropics.Also Read – Kolkata Behala Gets New Multi-Purpose Indoor Stadium In Gholsapur

What is the zero shadow moment?

Zero shadow day is the specific time of day when the sun does not cast the shadow of the object at midday, the sun is exactly at its zenith. A zero shadow day occurs twice a year when the sun is exactly above the latitudes of +23.5 and -23.5 degrees (between Karkataka and Capricorn respectively). See also – From mountains to beaches: 5 places to visit near Kolkata for a quick weekend getaway

Each year on zero-shadow days, students and astrophils between the two tropics create vertical poles, different objects, and sometimes stand outside themselves to see the cosmic event. In various cities where zero shadow day has already occurred this year, every object under the sun has experienced a zero shadow moment when it has lost its shadow for a few moments. Read also – Singer KK’s death to suffocate; How to keep yourself in danger and how to keep yourself in crowded places

Explaining this phenomenon, astrophysicist Debiprosad Duari said, “Any kind of visible light falling on an object usually produces shadow, if not exactly on the object. People living between the Karkataka and Capricorn circle (+23.5 and -23.5 degrees latitude) and any object around the world lose their shadows twice a year. These two days are called zero shadow days, ”he said.

Duvari said the event reminds people of the movements and position of celestial bodies on Earth, which have direct links to events on the planet, such as the change of seasons, tides and eclipses along with zero shadow moments.

The sun is not exactly on its head during the afternoon, but usually moves slightly north or slightly south at a higher altitude, he said.

Zero shadow moment in Kolkata

Kolkata will witness Zero shadow moment around 11:34 this morning. The city is about 2,500 km from the equator and about 93.5 km from the Tropic of Karkataka, a fictional line that passes near Krishnanagar in Nadia district. On the return path (known as Dakshinayan), the sun will rise again precisely at 11:41 am on July 7 in Kolkata and that day will be the second zero shadow day of the year.

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