WHO Lists 5 Key Measures To Stop Monkeypox Transmission

New Delhi: With the unprecedented outbreak of the Monkeypox in several countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) has shared key measures to prevent the spread of the disease. To date, more than 700 monkeypox cases have been reported worldwide. Monkeypox is known to spread when there is close physical contact with an infected person, their clothes or bedsheets.Read also – Monkeypox fear in Ghaziabad: what do we know so far | Should India worry?

Talking about key steps to tackle the monkeypox transmission, a WHO official said
“This is critical because we are in a situation where public health tools can be used for early identification.”

According to WHO, five key steps to stop the spread of monkeypox and fight the disease are:

  • “The first step Raise awareness What about the monkeypox and what it is not and we need to expand surveillance, ”said a WHO official.
  • “Second Stop spreading from monkeypox to man – We can do this in non-indigenous countries and this is very critical because we are in a situation where we can pre-identify public health equipment; Part of the solution is to isolate cases, support isolation cases, speak to communities and listen to communities and engage with communities, ”the official said.
  • “We want the third one too Protect frontline workers. Anyone who is taking samples for testing or for the care of individuals who are outside wants to make sure they have the right information and that they have the right personal protective equipment and we want to use all the countermeasures in force. ”
  • “Fourth Use countermeasures “There are antivirals and vaccines but we need to use them appropriately for those at risk,” a WHO official said.
  • “Lastly, overlapping Enhance our understanding of MonkeyPox There is. So we will hold a large global meeting to discuss everything from R&D, research, epidemiology, to diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines.

What is a monkeypox

Most monkeypox patients only suffer Fever, body aches, colds and fatigue. People with more serious illnesses may develop a Rash and wounds on face and hands It can spread to other parts of the body. Monkeypox is associated with smallpox, But has mild features. After declaring that smallpox was eradicated in 1980, countries shut down their mass immunization programs, with some experts believing that the move could help spread the monkeypox, as it has less widespread immunity to related diseases. Smallpox vaccines are also protective against monkeypox.

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