Work From Home: Microsoft, Accenture And Other IT Firms’ Big Decision Amid Rising COVID Cases. Deets Here

New Delhi: While many companies have asked their employees to return to office, Microsoft, Accenture, Deloitte and a few others have left it up to individual teams to make the final decision on whether they want to work from home or return home. Office. Companies have taken this decision in order to provide their employees with much-needed flexibility.Also Read – Want to work from home or office? IT teams, including Microsoft and Deloitte, allow individual teams to make decisions


Speaking to the Economic Times, Microsoft’s head of HR Ira Gupta said, “We believe that collaborative agreements are more effective with the inputs of everyone in the team. Team contracts are dynamic because they are based on individuals’ unique circumstances, the team is collective and business.” . Also Read – Work From Home Ends: TCS, Infosys How To Implement Hybrid Model Working For Employees


Similarly, Accenture allows its employees to choose their own workplace from any city where the company is located Read also – No more work from home: Elon Musk says Tesla will lay off 10% of staff, break hiring

“We believe there is no single solution when it comes to the future of work, and our approach to how, when and where we work depends on the type of work our business, our team and our people do,” quoted Lakshmi C, Managing Director and Leader of Accenture India’s HR.


Echoing similar criticisms, the professional services company noted that Deloitte believes in flexibility and hybrid work. It asked its team leaders and reporting managers to take the call to physically resume office.

7 out of 10 female employees prefer a remote working option

After Kovid, global research by Deloitte showed that 7 out of 10 women employees are willing to quit their current job if their employer takes a hybrid job option.

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