World Environment Day 2022: 5 Small Efforts You & I Can Make Every Day To Bring A Change

New Delhi: Environment. We live in it. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the food we eat. It’s everything around us, so we don’t have to explain how important this word is. And to mark its significance, June 5 is celebrated every year as World Environment Day. This day serves as an important platform to raise awareness of global warming, pollution and the dangers of climate change or to warn mankind. This year’s theme is ‘One Land’, which focuses on ‘sustainable living in harmony with nature’.Read also – World Environment Day 2022: History, Theme and Why It Is Celebrated

Today, all mankind needs constant efforts to save the planet. Even a small amount of effort from each person can make a big difference in saving Mother Nature. On this World Environment Day, we have listed some simple but important steps that we can all take to make our day to day life and help our planet. Read also – Top 5 Environmental Crimes You Must Pledge to Do in This World Environment Day 2022

Check them out here:

1. Follow the 5R rule: Basically, 5R refers to refusing, reducing, recycling, updating and recycling. Usually these concepts are taught to every person in their elementary school, but it is best to remind people about the same. Always go for the best conservative methods and incorporate this concept into your daily habits. Read also – Climate change is eating chapatis because India is struggling to eat itself

2. Choose environmentally friendly sources of energy: This is a worrisome situation to switch to environmentally friendly energy sources. It is best to use electric vehicles or choose compressed natural gas for your vehicles called CNG.

3. Go to Sustainable Clothing Choices: Choose brands and fabrics that follow a sustainable production approach. Also, don’t fall for fast fashion trends. Reuse and donate your clothes.

4. Avoid Plastic Use: We cannot stress this enough. Plastic is the first enemy of this planet. It is best to discard plastic from day to day. Avoid carrying plastic bottles or bags. Choose biodegradable options such as cloth or cotton bags, recyclable items, and safe to ‘land’.

5. Spread awareness around you: The simplest way to save your planet is to raise awareness on a personal level by talking to family, friends, neighbors, children and on your professional front. Be aware of the environment in general.

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